We are Upfarm*. We are here to support the game changers; the relevant ones. We amplify the visionaries that aim to reshape the landscape to a more sustainable, healthy and caring planet.

Turning customers into fans, that's what makes us tick. Not by selling a product, but by connecting people and brands on a shared belief. We're the matchmakers.

Strategy & branding

A brand is not a logo. There is no Google Ad as powerful as a brand. A brand is the expectation that people have when engaging with a company. The brands we built don’t sell products, people come to thém. Why? Because they care. It’s these brands that turn customers into fans.

Content management

Deciding on that content when, where and how is like playing the keys on a piano. Done right it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard. Done wrong, well.. you can fill in the blanks. We support brands with both content strategy and management.

Design & production

A brand lives and breathes its purpose through every piece of content it puts out. The content we produce doesn’t shout “Please buy me”. We make content that connects and invites. Conversion follows. We support brands with web design and the finest imaging and video shorts for socials.